Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More music on ESPN.com - Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz turns 40 and here's a profile of how it all started. They used 2 Jonny Manak solo track and a Depressives track. Too cool! I grew up idolizing this brand, I'm so honored to provide the sound track to their history! Neat!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another ESPN.com song placement

Santa Cruz Skateboards turns 40 and ESPN.com put together this cool video. I have a song that kicks in at the 1:10 mark. SKATE AND ROCK!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black Label and ESPN.com used two of our songs in this video!

Such an honor to have our music in a retrospective of my favorite skateboard company of all time, BLACK LABEL! John Lucero is a true original and I've always respected what he's done for skateboarding and pop culture. Here's to 25 years of BLACK LABEL!

Friday, October 18, 2013


It's finally here! The new split 7" titled "SEVEN INCHES" is available now with a limited edition tee shirt at the TURBOJUGEND ONLINE STORE. Side one features our song "Choose My Fate" and side two features "Saints of Excess" by The HIP PRIESTS from the UK. Also includes a free MP3 download of both tracks! Each vinyl comes on a different splatter combo, no two records a re the same. Buy them all, trade them with your friends!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We recorded a pair of David Bowie covers (Space Oddity and Moonage Daydream) for 2007's "1.21 Jiggawatts" but never used them. The idea was simple, one cover for the LP, one cover for the CD. Life happened and that record never came out physically, only digitally. At that time, we decided to put these covers aside until the physical release. It's been 6 years, fuck it, lets share these tracks with the world. So here you go, I present to you a digital single called "Moonage Oddity." You can stream them for free on spotify here. If you're super neat-o and want to help us make MORE music, you can BUY these two tracks on itunes by clicking the album artwork. This ripping artwork was drawn by the ever so infamous Munguni!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Split 7" with The Hip Priests from the UK and recent press!

We're excited to reveal the artwork for our upcoming split 7" titled 7 INCHES with our Self Destructo Records label mates The Hip Priests from the UK! The 7" will be out late September on Reach Around/Self Destructo on splatter colored vinyl, which includes amazing art from Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine! You can get it in the Turbojugend Online Store very soon! The Hip Priests are flying over the pond for a string of US dates in September and we're playing a few shows with them in SoCal to celebrate! Sean also made tee shirt designs of this cover for the tour. We couldn't be more stoked! Stay tuned!

We have a full page story in this weeks Silicon Valley Metro Weekly. Here's the online version!

Our pals at Razor Cake reviewed our last LP "I am not a bum... I'm a JERK!" Here's what they thought!
They also named our newest record "Primitive Sounds for a Modern World" one of the top 5 records for the month. We're #3! Sweet!
Maximum Rock and Roll also recently reviewed "I am not a bum... I'm a JERK!" Here's what they thought.
Slug Mag wrote a cool review of "I am not a bum... I'm a JERK!" - Click HERE!

Sal from Electric Frankenstein wrote a neat review of our latest LP "Primitive Sounds for a Modern World!"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Primitive Sounds for a Modern World is out now on 12" Vinyl courtesy of Self Destructo Records and Reach Around Records. The LP also includes a free digital download! You can purchase it online in the TURBOJUGEND ONLINE STORE!!! We're offering it with an exclusive tee shirt combo pack, or just the LP itself, don't be cheap, buy a tee!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It has been months since I updated this page and for good reason, WE'VE BEEN BUSY!


Lets start from where we last left off. I've been writing and recording a lot of music for TV shows for Dickhouse Productions and Viacom. Viacom had me write and record 15 punk/garage/surf instrumentals for them to use on all their shows and networks. In 4 days, I wrote, recorded and mixed them all in my home studio playing one instrument at a time. The songs have already appeared in re-runs of JACKASS and RIDICULOUSNESS. We were a featured band on one of the episodes and was featured on MTV.com. Here's our profile link


Yes, we have signed a VINYL ONLY deal to SELF DESTRUCTO RECORDS (run by the Turbojugend) and have been so stoked working with them. This is in direct partnership with my label REACH AROUND. So it's a 50/50 vinyl release. Check out www.shopturbojugend.com and support their cause, buy some merch and stuff from all of the bands they work with, they're all great!


"Primitive Sounds for a Modern World" is DONE! Mixed, mastered and sent off to the vinyl pressing plant. Recorded and mixed by Muller and Neil Young. Side A was recorded at Cup O' Pizza as a two piece (we didn't have a drummer yet, so I played drums/guitar/vox, Bobby played bass.) Side B has all three of us playing live on the Record Roundup with Oscar Hox on 89.7fm KFJC with Thor DSR on Drums. He kills it and it shows on the B side. We're stoked to have a live B side. You can stream it NOW on Spotify as well as purchase it on iTunes. If you're patient, you can get it on vinyl in a month or so and it includes a digital download.


Yes, you read that right. Ahhh, the benefits of Neil Young living a block away and me having a personal studio on site. This time we're recording two new songs for a split 7" with SELF DESTRUCTO UK label mates, THE HIP PRIESTS. So far we've tracked all the drums and bass tracks, tomorrow we track guitars, next week vocals, next next week mix. We're thinking about releasing a few songs every two months and at the end of the year, compile all the singles onto an LP. NEAT RIGHT?!? Right... We're also recording a track for a tribute comp for one of our favorite bands! I'm sure you can guess, but I'm not allowed to say anything yet. It's coming out RAD!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two new releases for your listening pleasure!

The time has come, our latest full length "I am not a bum... I'm a JERK! is out on 12" vinyl. We remixed and remastered this for vinyl using analog gear and techniques. Stream it for free HERE. Purchase your copy HERE.
 Aaaaaaaand, I have a new solo EP out written for Dickhouse Productions. They asked me to write and record some songs for their TV shows and films again. These songs will be heard in re-runs of JACKASS and season 3 of RIDICULOUSNESS on MTV. I recorded these songs (playing drums, bass, guitar, vocals) over a week or two in December at my private studio "Cup O' Pizza" with Neil Young handling the recording/mixing/production end, mastered by Mike Wells Mastering, artwork by Grady Hord. You can stream the songs for free on Spotify HERE or buy them on iTunes HERE