Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peanut Butter Wolf Interview from 1989

Ever have one of those embarrassing videos from grade school hit youtube? Well, this is one of them, but to add insult to injury, I have makeup on. We were getting ready to head to KSJS for my first radio interview for our band PEANUT BUTTER WOLF. I was in 5th grade...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awe, memories...

This photo was taken in 2006? 2007? I don't know. All I do know is that this was on the Sacrifice Skateboards tour when were were filming "Por Vida" the 2nd video the company made. MRZ was there shooting pics and catching a ton of fish! Dave Nelson and I left SJ in the afternoon and had to drive through Yosemite park (falling asleep at the wheel too) to get to this skatepark in Mamoth and rolled into the campsite at like 3am where I obnoxiously woke everyone up with loud music and my car horn (they were pissed, but got over it after a few minutes and all was well). We set up our tents  had a few victory drinks after the drive and hit the hay. Boy, that was a fun trip. I almost died trying this so I slapped on a helmet for good measure. You can also see the video of this shot at the very end of this clip.

Friday, August 5, 2011

R.I.P. "Braindead" Dave :(

I just found out that our friend "Braindead" Dave has passed on. Dave was probably one of the biggest supporters of local punk rock in the area and he would put shows together for us because he really dug our band and wanted to expose us to the scene up there in SF. He owned "Force of Habit Records" and was always stoked to carry our records as well as records of other bands I played in. He never told me he was sick, but his record store was closed for periods of time recently and when I'd ask about it, he'd shrug it off and change the subject. You were a rare breed Dave, you were so kind to all of us musicians and you gave much more than you took, MUCH more. I'll miss our hour long phone conversations about music, local bands, hard to find records, and the bands you'd always turn me onto that I never heard of. I remember the time you got mad at me for putting out our latest album on CD. "Dude, why the fuck would you do that, Jonny?!? CDs are lame! Why didn't you put it out on vinyl?!?" I explained to Dave that we were just waiting on the artwork and saving funds to press it (we still haven't pressed it, ha ha). He wasn't having it and was genuinely upset it wasn't on vinyl. That was rad Dave, you were good about setting me straight on shit. If you liked it, you told me, if you hated it, you told me. Most times though, you would say you liked it :)

I love you Dave and I'm really going to miss you and seeing your name come up on my called ID for an hour long chat that would start out as a show offer for 5 minutes then would turn into a long talk about cool music. I'm going to rock the tee you gave me with your face on it tonight! Long live "Braindead" Dave!!!