Friday, February 27, 2015

New Year, New Album, New Lineup!

Well, it's been about a year since I've updated this for a lot of reasons and I'll fill you in on why. My Dad passed away last March from a long battle with cancer. I did a lot of soul searching and just didn't feel like doing anything but writing and recording music by myself with Neil Young producing, I went into hiding of sorts. In the last year, I've written/recorded 35 songs for MTV's Ridiculousness/Fantasy Factory to be used as background music. I used all live instruments and played them all. It was perfect timing to have such a large amount of songs to keep my mind off losing my Dad. I put The Depressives on ice after letting our bass player go and just took time off of performing. I just focused on my ghost writing work. Once I wrapped up those songs, I got back to work on The Depressives new record titled "Cold Pizza and Warm Beer." Chipping away at writing and tracking a few hours at a time when Neil, Thor and I could get into our studio until we completed tracking enough for a record. In the end we settled on the best 17 songs to use. We'll be sending the record off to Mike Wells Mastering in a few weeks and it will be pressed on vinyl LP via Self Destructo/Reach Around Records in early summer. New-ish music video! We made this music video a year ago, but I never posted it on here. See above... I just didn't feel like doing anything but locking myself in my recording studio to ghost write to keep my mind of pops, bla bla bla. Anyhow, here's a video for Choose My Fate which was on the Seven Inches split 7" with The Hip Priests (released on Self Destructo/Reach Around Records.) It's also on our new LP we're about to release. Santa Stole My Whiskey Music Video! Neil and I also made a music video for a solo Christmas song I recorded called "Santa Stole My Whiskey." Neil plays Santa, I'm playing everything else. Our friend Alan shot the thing and here it is in February, haha.
We've added a new member! Super producer Neil Young has joined The Depressives. Neil brings a lot of experience to the table and can outplay me on bass, so it was an easy decision. He's been our exclusive producer for 3 years, we've done around 75 songs for Dickhouse Productions together and two Depressives records, so it was a natural progression. We always considered him, "the 4th Depressive" anyhow, now he's a solid "3rd Depressive." Welcome Neil! Wah-BAM used on Fantasy Factory! Although they commission me to write songs for their shows, they occasionally slip in my released tracks. Here's a screen grab from when they played Wah-BAM off our last LP from 2013 Primitive Sounds for a Modern World.
Booking shows again! New album done, full band again, what do you do now? Book some shows, ya' dingus! We're supporting 80's LA Punk Legends MAD PARADE Saturday April 25th at Johnny V's in San Jose. We've got an even bigger show booked, but we're not allowed to announce it yet. Stay tuned! I'll also leak the new record when I get the masters back.

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